Mr. Shinski is a graduate of Greenwich Central School and grew up in the same small town playing soccer and roaming the woods to find the best fishing spots the land has to offer. After attending the University at Albany, Mr. Shinski returned home and spent three years in the private sector of education before enrolling in SUNY Plattsburgh’s MST program at Queensbury to pursue his New York State certification.

In his spare time he enjoys playing with his three dogs, Myles, Mindy, and Decker, and being ignored by his cat, Kiki. He also enjoys kayaking, reading, playing soccer and board games when construction on his house isn’t taking his attention.

Educationally speaking, Chris believes that all students have the ability to learn at a high level when materials are presented in ways that suit their strengths and motivation to do well is sparked. Mr. Shinski believe everyone learns differently and he hopes to bridge the gap in the classroom between traditional classroom approaches and new millennials by integrating technology, increasing classroom participation,  and using assessment data while still preparing students for the college environment.

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